How We Advise

The world of carbon is complex and constantly evolving. Between the classifications of carbon emissions, navigating energy markets, proper reporting and ever-changing legislation, many entities find themselves needing advice on the best way to move forward. Many of these same organisations are also having to face the reality of carbon risk, something that organisational decision-makers never had to manage before.

SCB Advisory offers its partners advice and assistance on how to measure and mitigate the risks within the increasingly carbon focused business and political environment. We do this through assessing the impact of GHG emissions, setting reduction goals and offering tailored solutions using a variety of tools, including but not limited to: environmental attribute and carbon offset procurement, PPAs, offtake agreements and personalised carbon modelling


What We Advise

Carbon consulting for clients to measure their emissions, set reduction goals, and mitigate their carbon risk. Services include:

  • Carbon Accounting
  • CDP Reporting
  • Carbon Stress Testing
  • Setting Science-based Targets (SBTs) per the Science-Based Targets Initiative
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies to explore the best options in any region
  • PPA and VPPA procurement services
  • Management of environmental attributes to ensure all credits are produced, purchased, tracked, reported, and retired
  • Voluntary GHG reporting
  • Green program design to help offset emissions dynamically PPA and VPPA procurement services
  • EAC procurement services