How We Trade

Universally, there is pressure on companies to prove commitment to sustainability and implement emission-reducing measures. This has led to incentives for producers of energy to invest capital into renewable energy projects. We provide advisory services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by measuring, reporting and abating their emissions.

We help companies, organizations and groups of all kinds to reduce their carbon footprint. We provide various types of Energy Attribute Certificates, such as GOs, REGOs, RECs & I-RECs. We also work closely with renewable assets owners helping them to find the best route to the market for their renewable energy certificates.


What We Offer

  • Guarantees of Origin in Europe (GOs)
  • Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origins (RGGOs)
  • International RECs (I-RECs) in a growing number of countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa & the Middle East
  • Advisory services to Corporate Customers and Renewable Assets Owners
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in North America
  • Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin in the UK (REGOs)