SCB has a proven record in developing new illiquid and opaque markets. Through this membership, SCB will be able to help develop, build liquidity and arrange trades in LME’s newly launched contracts including ferrous, LME precious, trade options, aluminium premiums, alumina, molybdenum and cobalt cash-settled contracts.

“We are very proud and excited to have finally become a member of LME RIB and of a wider metal’s community. This is a major step for us in growing our coverage in commodities overall and more specifically in products which help to reduce carbon emissions globally. We look forward to developing new futures and options contracts in EV battery materials together with LME and the trading community by bringing liquidity and transparency into a variety of metal and chemical markets”

– commented Natalia Beales, Business Development Project Coordinator in MGR Components.

The London Metal Exchange, established in 1877, is the world centre for the trading of industrial metals. Through LME, producers and consumers of metal have the ability to hedge against the risk of increasing and decreasing world metal prices. RIB Brokers are execution only brokers, who can broker trades for clients and members on an anonymous basis and block trades on LMESmart.


For more information about the London Metal Exchange RIB Tier 2 membership, please visit: