Pathway to Sustainability

Emission calculations

  • Understanding your climate-related goals and ambitions
  • Calculating the in-scope emissions
  • Evaluating your company’s emissions profile
Step 1

Decarbonisation pathways

  • Set short term, interim and long-term sustainability goals
  • Fund and support emission reduction projects
  • Procurement of Energy Attribute Certificates (RECs, IRECs, REGOs, GoOs, etc)
Step 2

Operational and value chain emissions reductions

  • Transition to renewable energy for your facilities and operations
  • Transition towards Net Zero and continue supporting meaningful climate action
  • Provision of on-site energy generation
Step 3

Address remaining emissions

  • Fund and support emission reduction projects
  • Improve social benefits to local populations
  • Achieve your sustainability and social responsibility goals
Step 4

Why your company should take action

  • globe
    Do your bit to protect our most valuable asset – the planet
  • kindness
    Improve your customer’s trust and retention
  • financial strategy
    Gain access to capital and attract more investors
  • briefcase
    Be an early adopter and gain competitive advantage
  • windmill
    Claim renewable energy consumption

What we offer

At SCB, we offer bespoke services that align with your sustainability strategy. If needed, our team of experts can help you with your emission calculations, sustainability targets and compensation of your emissions. Our services include:


Carbon Compensation

Our heritage as an environmental markets business gives us direct access to a global network of high-quality projects supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Energy Attribution Certificates

Leveraging our expert market knowledge and insights, we source and provide EACs from all technologies and geographies to best align with your sustainability goals.


Assurance of Integrity

SCB offers a wide range of guarantees and assurances including SCB Safeguard, SCB Carbon Portal and other services to reassure decision makers and simplify your sustainability requirements.

Where you will help
We support a range of different climate avoidance projects such as renewable energy, cookstoves, forest conservation. To discover more about our projects explore the dots on the map below.

Amazon, Brazil









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Why work with us

Through our sustainable services, we are laying the foundation for a positive future.

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SCB Carbon Compensate API

Compensate for the carbon emissions from your internal or customer transactions and promote sustainability with our easily integrated API.

With a range of calculators for different industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and energy, you can accurately measure and offset your carbon footprint.

Our API is highly scalable and can handle large scale usage, meeting the demands of the biggest businesses in the market.

Your customers can now make a tangible and verifiable impact on the environment with every purchase, and trust that their efforts are making a real difference. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the SCB CarbonCompensate API is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and build trust with environmentally-conscious consumers. Upgrade your online presence today and make a real difference to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Document your customer’s commitment with certificates for every purchase.

Technical documentation for our SCB CarbonCompensate API is the same as our equivalent ClimatePositive product and can be found here.

Developer docs


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