Pathway to Sustainability

Emission calculations

  • Define Your Climate Goals
  • Quantify Your Emissions
  • Analyze Your Emission Footprint

Our specialised GHG Accounting team offers comprehensive GHG accounting services* to ensure a substantive, lasting impact on your climate comportment. We guide you through the intricacies of GHG accounting, helping identify the pertinent categories corresponding to the relevant scopes to meet your sustainability objectives. *Rigorously aligned with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol guidelines.

Step 1

Charting your decarbonisation strategy

  • Set short term, interim and long-term sustainability goals
  • Acquire Energy Attribute Certificates to support renewable energy and offset your carbon footprint
  • Fund climate projects that effectively reduce, avoid or remove emissions, showcasing environmental and social commitment.

Armed with your GHG emissions data, we assist you in procuring high-quality carbon credits. We maintain rigorous criteria when selecting carbon projects, ensuring your climate contribution has a meaningful and lasting impact.

Step 2

Emissions reductions across operations and supply chain

  • Transition to renewable energy for your facilities and operations
  • Commit to Net Zero goals and continue supporting meaningful climate action
  • Invest in on-site energy generation

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals. Together we craft clear and executable action plans that lay out the roadmap to achieving your decarbonisation objectives. These strategies will be sector specific and may encompass energy efficiency improvements, process optimisation, adoption of renewable energy sources, comprehensive procurement policies, downstream education and more.

Step 3

Reporting and Communication

  • Build trust through transparent reporting and demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship to customers, investors, and stakeholders.
  • Regulatory Requirements are updated frequently. We provide you with expert insights on your current and future obligations. Stay informed and compliant with confidence.
  • We craft your Climate Action marketing materials so that you may showcase your commitment to carbon projects.

Navigating through the bureaucratic myriad of global reporting frameworks and legislative directives is complex. We shoulder the burden, assisting you in determining which framework(s) to adhere to and how to communicate with impact. Customers, investors, and regulators increasingly demand transparency and action on climate-related issues and declarations of carbon neutrality. SCB provides effective communication strategies to engage with climate-conscious stakeholders on their chosen low carbon pathway.

Step 4

Why your company should take action

  • globe
    Protect our most valuable asset – the planet
  • kindness
    Improve your customer’s trust and retention
  • financial strategy
    Gain access to capital and attract more investors
  • briefcase
    Be an early adopter and gain competitive advantage
  • windmill
    Claim renewable energy consumption

What we offer

At SCB, we offer bespoke services that align with your sustainability strategy. If needed, our team of experts can help you with your emission calculations, sustainability targets and offsetting of your emissions and investing in climate action. We're consistently the number one choice of corporate clients and public bodies because of our heritage as an environmental markets business.


Assurance of Integrity

SCB offers a wide range of guarantees and assurances including SCB Safeguard, SCB Carbon Portal and other services to reassure decision makers and simplify your sustainability requirements.


Strict selection criteria

We maintain a diverse geographic range of a variety of high-integrity carbon solutions. Projects must demonstrate robustness to qualify for certification by registries including Verra and The Gold Standard. We gather evidence from the register, including project description documents, monitoring reports and other publicly available information to inform our choice. All projects are third party verified.


Core Carbon Principles, a global benchmark for high-integrity credits

SCB upholds threshold standards as a rigorous means of identifying high-integrity carbon credits that create real, verifiable climate impact, based on the latest science and best practice.


Leverage the only global environmental mechanism at scale

Advocating for the environment goes beyond making explicit offset claims. Many forward-thinking organisations opt for environmental action without making specific claims. They leverage the stringent auditing and reliability of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) to efficiently channel their climate funding. This approach allows business to make a difference without overt marketing claims.

Where you will help
We support a range of different climate avoidance projects such as renewable energy, cookstoves, forest conservation. To discover more about our projects explore the dots on the map below.

Amazon, Brazil









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Why work with us

Through our sustainable services, we are laying the foundation for a positive future.

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SCB Carbon Compensate API

Compensate for the carbon emissions from your internal or customer transactions and promote sustainability with our easily integrated API.

With a range of calculators for different industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and energy, you can accurately measure and offset your carbon footprint.

Our API is highly scalable and can handle large scale usage, meeting the demands of the biggest businesses in the market.

Your customers can now make a tangible and verifiable impact on the environment with every purchase, and trust that their efforts are making a real difference. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the SCB CarbonCompensate API is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and build trust with environmentally-conscious consumers. Upgrade your online presence today and make a real difference to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Document your customer’s commitment with certificates for every purchase.

Technical documentation for our SCB CarbonCompensate API is the same as our equivalent ClimatePositive product and can be found here.

Developer docs


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