How We Work

Our Fuel and Emissions Credit Desks cover markets throughout the Americas and Europe with a specialization in transport fuel programs. Helping our clients transact in both physical credits and derivative futures markets, we have expertise in a wide range of carbon trading strategies.

In this space, we operate as a traditional name give-up broker, matching buyers and sellers alongside volume, timing, and specification needs. We also offer daily reports, producing market letters that cover carbon markets pricing, movements, and their impacts on the wider fuel markets. We also provide our clients with tools and new strategies that allow our clients to more effectively achieve their market goals.

Having become market leaders in the below carbon markets, we work closely with our partners to study the evolving policy and market landscape as many more jurisdictions look to develop new carbon trading systems of their own.


What We Offer

In Europe, SCB covers a multinational portfolio of products with expertise in individual national policies and their interplay with European wide regulations.

  • German (THG-Quoten), Dutch (HBEs), Austrian and French blending obligation tickets.
  • UK Renewable Transportation Fuel Certificates (RTFCs)
  • Greenhouse Gas credits (GHG)
  • Upstream Emission Reductions (UERs)

Within the Americas, SCB works in the following markets:

  • Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Renewable Identification Number (RINs)
  • California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard
  • Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program credit markets