How We Broker

The products we broker include used cooking oil, palm oil mill effluent, acid oils, brown/trap grease and waste lubricant oil. Catering to such diversity allows us to provide accurate and invaluable market information.

Covering a wide range of clients within Europe, Asia and both Americas, we give clients full visibility of market prices and arbitrages. We do this by calculating, assessing and tabulating prices daily in order to provide accurate forecasting and market sentiments for our clients.


What We Offer

  • Prices for the whole supply chain of the end biodiesel product and feedstocks deferred prices on the end product to aid forecasts of waste prices
  • Tailored morning updates
  • Feedstock prices from different regions. i.e: China, Malaysia+Indonesia, Thailand+Vietnam, inland Europe, USA and South America
  • Pricing index related deals in order to buy feedstock on a forward/long term basis