Measure. Reduce. Mitigate. Act. Report.

We advise clients in all kinds of organisations on how to address CO2 emissions in Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Whether you’re looking to meet requirements in the interest of transparency, or communicate environmental leadership, we navigate bureaucratic reporting processes and produce vibrant multimedia to amplify your climate action.


Steps to net zero

From carbon accounting, beyond value chain mitigation, to climate action, there’s merit in every step. Our methodologies are in line with multilateral environmental agreements and standards including The GHG Protocol ISO, the Core Carbon Principles’ Code of Conduct and the Science Based Targets initiative.

SCB & Climate Action

GHG Measured

Upon successful completion of our GHG accounting process, we can provide you with our GHG Measured label. This label serves as a testament to the meticulous GHG accounting efforts you have undertaken.

GHG Measured

Climate Contribution

For those who choose to offset their emissions, we offer the Climate Contribution label. This label not only recognises your comprehensive GHG accounting reports but also your initiative to make a positive impact on the environment. It may also be used for those who wish to advocate for the environment beyond making explicit offset claims.

Your Climate Contribution

Climate Action

The Climate Action Label demonstrates your commitment to progress on a climate journey. You must pledge to a climate target that is aligned with the Paris Agreement and publicly communicate your target.

Your Climate Action


The Car Badge

The ClimatePositive car badge demonstrates individuals, corporates and organisations have offset their car’s carbon footprint.

The ClimatePositive environmental label empowers people to give back more to the environment than they take. This is achieved by offsetting 25% more emissions per car than the highest  emitters of 800 of the most popular cars surveyed.

Get your car badge


Reduce your pet's carbon pawprint

Climate Paws allows pet owners to make their pet climate positive by offsetting emissions through our emissions reductions projects.

Pet’s carbon pawprint includes the average size, weight and value on expenses of a pet.

Offset your pet


Protect the planet as an individual

ClimatePositive allows individuals to transform their lifestyle to be climate positive by offsetting emissions through our emissions reductions projects. 

Lifestyle carbon footprint includes emissions per capita, flights and mileage driven by an individual.

Choose an individual plan

SCB Carbon Compensate API

Compensate for the carbon emissions from your internal or customer transactions and promote sustainability with our easily integrated API.

With a range of calculators for different industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and energy, you can accurately measure and offset your carbon footprint.

Our API is highly scalable and can handle large scale usage, meeting the demands of the biggest businesses in the market.

Your customers can now make a tangible and verifiable impact on the environment with every purchase, and trust that their efforts are making a real difference. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the SCB CarbonCompensate API is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and build trust with environmentally-conscious consumers. Upgrade your online presence today and make a real difference to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Document your customer’s commitment with certificates for every purchase.