How We Broker

The biodiesel physical and derivative markets have become an increasingly vital area and will continue growing for oil majors and other end-user customers of road fuels. As experienced intermediaries in these markets, we have a unique position to assist our clients through price discovery in an inherently complicated market with many factors impacting on price.

Within the biodiesel desk, we service our clients with market analytics, qualitative and quantitative information along with price discovery and sharp, efficient execution. We do this by striving to find, develop and offer the best available hedging instruments to this niche market – one of the factors that has made us market leaders, a ranking we still maintain.


What We Offer

  • Execution of both futures and swaps on:
    • Gas oil, Bean Oil, Rape Seed, Vegetable Oil
  • Transaction execution for:
    • Vegetable Oil derived Biodiesel: RME, FAME, PME, SME
    • Waste Oil derived Biodiesel: UCOME, TME and POME
    • Biodiesel by Products: Crude and refined Glycerine, as well as, Bio-heating Oil
    • Advanced Biofuels: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
    • Obligation Tickets: RTFC, HBE, Biokraftstoffquoten, CBD, EMHV
  • Price discovery of the Biodiesel and forward curve