What are our company values?

We seek out individuals who share our core values that we believe are key to our success.
In it for the long haul, we are a successful environmental business with big things on our minds, and an endless passion to do more. We don’t just tick boxes; we aim and continually attack challenges with enthusiasm.
Eyes on the horizon, we see the opportunities. Never afraid to embrace creative solutions, we are leading the charge for cultural and environmental change on a global scale.
Low carbon energy is our business, not a bolt-on service. As early adopters, we’ve been doing this for a long time and have become experts in reducing costs, mitigating risk, increasing liquidity and influencing regulatory change.
We don’t bluff internationalism, our business has a genuine global reach. Wherever our customers are in the world, the values and service they receive are consistent.
True to our principles, we never deviate from a focused vision. Open and fair, we aim to achieve our vision by doing the right thing.

Why work at SCB?

We always strive to accommodate our employee’s needs. Yes, we never stop until we accomplish our mission, but along the way we provide our employees with great benefits.

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Educational leave and financial support
  • Social enterprise leave
  • Public transport reimbursement
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • Life-change leave
  • Personal days
  • Birthday leave
  • Paid vacation
  • Homeworking
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Healthy snacks and drinks
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What are our learning & development programmes?

Educational leave

We value continuous learning and encourage employees to undertake training courses and attend conferences and executive education events. Our goal is for every colleague to reach their full potential. In the past, we have sponsored our colleagues for postgraduate degrees at NYU Stern, the University of Chicago, University of Oxford and IMD. We have also sponsored colleagues to pursue professional development courses such as CFA, and ACCA.

One of our employees had the chance to participate in the SISE sustainable two-week program at the University of Ilinois at Chicago.

“The focus of the program was to work on ways to incorporate  sustainability into community spaces such as buildings, vacant lots and homes. The course allowed me to exert my creativity and innovation by working alongside North Lawndale’s Community Coordinating Council to help build a more sustainable compound.”

Social Enterprise Leave

You will be given the opportunity to participate in social and charitable initiatives around the world. Whether it is building a school in Senegal or running the North Pole Marathon, we encourage our staff to take part in these events one week per year as a paid leave.

Twenty SCB staff volunteered to assist a community to build a primary school in rural Malawi through our partnership with buildOn.

An experience that gives you perspective and helps you see the important things in life.

A real hands-on and culturally educational experience.

A trip that lets you stop, look around, and see how you can truly make a difference in this world.

Eye-opening to how much more help is needed around the world.

An opportunity to make a serious difference with just your heart, sweat and smile.


What will you experience at SCB?

It’s not just a job, not just a career. We challenge people to go beyond their comfort zone to discover what’s possible.

As a team, we participate in Tough Mudders, Survival Weekends, Unplugged Women Events, Marathons, Iron Man… to name just a few.

In 2019, 25 colleagues participated in a Survival Weekend mounting the Eiger. Here’s one of our colleague’s experiences:

“During 48 hours, I was physically, mentally and emotionally challenged. Neither the cold, the constant rain, the fear of heights nor the spiders and mice in the barn were valid obstacles for me to abandon. I was extremely proud to share the trekking experience through the magnificent Bernese alps with my fellow colleagues.”


How to apply

We hire applicants who display a relentless attitude, enterprising mindset, an appreciation of expertise, connectedness and a strong core of integrity that shapes their character.

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