How We Broker

SCB has a proven record of developing new markets through increased focus on transparency. Having worked with electric vehicle manufacturers through our involvement in the US LCFS ticket market, we saw a growing interest from companies seeking hedging mechanisms to protect their exposure in battery materials markets including cobalt, lithium, nickel and their derivative components.

We are collaborating with the London Metal Exchange (LME) on the release of their live cash-settled cobalt contract and upcoming equivalent contract/s on lithium. On foot of this venture, we have taken on the role of a Registered Intermediating Broker, or “RIB”. RIBs are execution-only brokers, who can broker trades for clients and members on an anonymous basis and block trades on the LME Smart system.


What We Offer


  • Exchange-traded financial-settled futures
  • OTC (physical or financially-settled) trading on metal, hydroxide and chemicals including
    sulfate, oxide, etc.
  • Physical trading in different shapes and forms (cathodes, briquettes, rounds, powder, etc).


  • Physical trading of metal, sulfate, etc.
  • OTC (physical or financially-settled) trading on metal, sulfate, etc


  • OTC (physical or financially-settled) trading on carbonate, hydroxide and spodumene with
    LME-listed futures in time
  • Physical trading of carbonate, hydroxide and spodumene.