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Responsible for overseeing business and ensuring high standards of corporate governance

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SCB is a global low carbon commodity firm whose mission is to promote the adoption of a low carbon future.


As market professionals, we promote the adoption of low carbon alternatives by reducing the frictional cost of low carbon practices. Working with our clients and partners, we create markets, develop hedging tools and provide price transparency.


Carbon Impact

Our commitment to a low-carbon future is at the forefront of our approach.

And although we have achieved tremendous results, we realise we’ve only just started our journey.

Discover our Positive Carbon Impact


Our purpose is clear: A low carbon future.

Our relentless energy and unparalleled expertise have established us as world-leading experts in the environmental products markets.

We achieve success for our clients’ environmental obligations and plans, starting with the simple introduction of buyers and sellers.

Our success spans decades. Naturally curious, we maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of market regulations, policies, programmes and continuously develop on-the-ground local knowledge, making us the automatic choice for brokerage, matched principal, advisory and market data services.

We are a globally recognised expert, having participated in hundreds of conferences, presentations and events, strengthening our reputation throughout the world.

From leading Antarctic and North Pole expeditions, to helping our partners become carbon neutral, our relentless energy is focused on a better future for every global citizen.