SCB has notched up another big milestone in terms of abatement of carbon dioxide emissions, with 600 million tonnes of CO2 abated through transactions in sustainable commodities, renewable energy, principal carbon and partnerships sporting the ClimatePositive environmental attribution across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 

SCB CEO Kevin McGeeney said,

SCB is relentless in our pursuit of a low carbon future and our milestone comes at a time when the push for a green transition is brought into sharp focus. Tomorrow, Nov 15th the UN estimates that the global population will reach 8 billion. We’re working for a world in which children born now will not suffer the worst effects of climate change, by mitigating GHG emissions throughout our business.”

UN Climate Change Conference COP27

The milestone also happens to coincide with pronouncements on market mechanisms to address climate change as global governments and experts gather at COP27.

SCB’s IETA membership and boots-on-the-ground at COP27 with project development partners VNV Advisory, take us to the heart of key discussions around the Paris Agreement’s Article 6.4 on the operating of the crediting mechanism registry (replacing the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism or CDM) and Art. 6.2 on cooperative approaches. 

Meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise, while achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is reliant on the types of innovative financing that SCB unceasingly delivers. 


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As SCB’s counter clocks-up a round number, the carbon registry Verra also marks a new threshold, with its one billionth carbon credit issued. SCB features a wide variety of Verra credits as well as providing a range of market-based carbon trading solutions to assist clients in achieving their sustainability goals and supports the financing of high-integrity and quality emission reduction and removal projects.