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By helping our clients’ businesses grow we influence opinion and advance towards a low carbon future.

Our Purpose

Our expertise is evident in the low carbon reports we produce daily. Across our detailed market exposure, our clients receive current market trends and trading activity.


As the world’s leading low carbon commodity brokerage firm, we continuously explore new markets in the environmental sector, including battery materials and biofuels. We also provide Matched Principal and Advisory services in the carbon market.

Our Markets

We support three targeted interests: environment, education and minority rights.

Carbon Impact

Carbon Neutral Now

The only thing standing in the way of a company being carbon-neutral for itself, its products and its services is the will to act. The carbon-neutral status of SCB since 2021 is celebrated by all stakeholders.

Sustainability Commitment

Globally Recognised

"Firm specializing in renewable energy"
“The world's biggest biofuels brokerage firm."
"Wish there were more CEOs like you who practice what you preach, adopting net zero goals for your company."
“Leading experts in the renewable market.”
"Financial brokers with an environmental edge."
"Biofuel and Ag brokerage moving into the battery material sector."
"World's largest renewable energy brokerage firm."

Shape A LOW CARBON future

We’re always looking for ambitious team members with a passion for the environmental products markets. You’ll find us ready to help you go further, challenging you with our curiosity and agility, while rewarding you with career-enhancing benefits derived from our connections and integrity.

Careers at SCB

Awards & Commitments

In our pursuit of a low carbon future, we are proud to be a Certified B Corporation, ISO 14001 Certified and committing to the TCFD Recommendations. Our commitment to exceptional client service is often illustrated through the awards we receive.


Carbon Impact

Our commitment to a low-carbon future is at the forefront of our approach.

And although we have achieved tremendous results, we realise we’ve only just started our journey.

Discover our Positive Carbon Impact