Speaking at the Platts biofuels seminar in Geneva, and following on from similar comments made earlier in the day, McGeeney said that in order to enlarge the markets for biofuels in Europe, innovative approaches needed to be taken by industry representatives to promote biofuels as a viable option in terms of renewable transport fuels.

“Industry bodies should lobby members to go to national governments and the EU,” McGeeney said, in an attempt to change the rhetoric surrounding biofuels in terms of the sector’s responsibility for ILUC and food scarcity. In what was described by CHS ethanol trader George Hayes as a “very challenging environment,” the European biofuels industry needs to take a fresh approach in promoting itself to the public, McGeeney said.

“A dramatic new way of thinking is needed in the industry, to regain the upper hand,” he added.


Caroline Knight, caroline.knight@platts.com

Edited by Keiron Greenhalgh, keiron.greenhalgh@platts.com