The first annual SCB-Energy Analysis and Policy Awards, recognizing outstanding student research papers, were established by the SCB Group, a leading global commodity brokerage in renewable energy.


The award winners and their paper topics are

First place ($3,000 award)

Lee C. Shaver, “Balancing energy sector decarbonization with electrification for poverty alleviation in developing countries.”


Second place ($1,500 award)

David W. Abel, “Analysis of U.S. gasoline additives and ethanol markets in the context of reformulated gasoline (RFG) and other regulatory gasoline requirements.”


Third place ($500 award)

Logan M. Rapp, “Reduction in the cost of the power block for a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle through implementation of regenerator type heat exchangers.”


Fourth place ($250 award)

Timothy D. Lindstrom, “Methane hydrate: A review of an emergent and unconventional energy resource.”



A judging committee of faculty and energy experts evaluated the papers for their writing clarity, research quality, relevance to course material, strength of arguments, substantiation of claims, and novelty or creativity.

In addition to recognizing and supporting students’ scholarly endeavors, the SCB Group’s partnership with EAP will provide internship and employment opportunities for students in the program, according to Paul Wilson, a professor of engineering physics and an EAP faculty member.


“With SCB’s focus on renewable transportation fuels, this new relationship provides an exciting opportunity for our students to engage with this important component of our energy economy,” he explains.

The company’s CEO, Kevin McGeeney, also sees the partnership as a pipeline of opportunity for students.



“SCB is delighted to have forged a relationship with the University of Wisconsin-Madison,” he says. “Energy Analysis and Policy is a wonderful example of a university developing a program which equips students with the skills needed by industry to face the energy challenges of tomorrow.”


Established in 2006, SCB Group maintains offices in Chicago, New York, Geneva, London, Lisbon, Puerto Rico and Singapore.


Energy Analysis and Policy (EAP) is graduate-level certificate that can be completed by students in any graduate program at UW-Madison.  EAP’s interdisciplinary curriculum gives students the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in industry, government, consulting, non-profits, and other roles in the energy field.


For more information

  • Paul Wilson,; (608) 263-0807