Meet SCB Group

From leading Antarctic and North Pole expeditions, to helping their partners become carbon neutral, SCB is a globally recognized low carbon commodity firm whose mission is to promote the adoption of a low carbon future. As market professionals, they promote the adoption of low carbon alternatives by reducing the frictional cost of low carbon practices. SCB’s clients use their marks for risk and compliance management, market analysis, contract benchmarking and portfolio investment.

The Problem

In order to promote market transparency, reduce risk and allow both new and existing participants to analyze the markets, SCB was in search of a way to expand their audience, and provide independent, end-of-day and real-time price data for physical biofuels, ethanol, RINs and credits, grains and methanol data to an even more diverse variety of users.

The Solution

SCB found that they would be able to greatly expand their audience through Barchart’s cmdty Pricing Network (CPN). This network is designed to increase transparency in global commodity markets by facilitating access to global commodity prices from leading brokerages and traders of physical commodities.

Through joining this network, SCB’s physical prices for biofuels, ethanol, RINs and credits, grains and methanol can now be subscribed to directly in cmdtyView Pro and cmdtyView Excel, the leading analytic solution for commodity trading. “Since Barchart is a leading data provider within the commodity space, we found that a partnership with them would be the perfect solution,” said SCB’s CEO Kevin McGeeney. “This partnership will allow us to provide a wide array of both new and existing market participants with access to our data,” added McGeeney.

“Partnering with SCB, the market leader in physical ethanol and biofuels, is beneficial for us in growing our reach within the global commodity ecosystem,” says Barchart’s Head of Strategy Keith Petersen. “We plan on growing our partnership even further by onboarding additional datasets later this year,” added Petersen.
In addition to facilitating access to SCB pricing through Barchart’s cmdtyView software, SCB pricing distribution is also expanded through Barchart’s API data distribution platform which serves the global commodity ecosystem.

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  • Colleen Sheeren, Head of Marketing, Barchart:
    •, 312.283.2375
  • Catherine Chen, Market Data Provision, SCB:
    •, +41 78 410 5172