SCB Group, the world-leading, low carbon commodity company, is pleased to announce it has installed solar panels for nine rural schools in Malawi with buildOn in 2021.

Allowing children and teachers to better utilize classrooms on dark, rainy days or in the evenings for study sessions, the creation of these solar-powered schools will help a total of 5588 students, including 2900 girls, and 62 teachers in the following villages: Chalaula, Chang’ombe, Chilinda, Chintchinda, Chiwinga, Kachule, Makungwa, Mphowe, and Ndatuwa.

Most adults in these communities can’t learn without safe, well-lit classrooms during the evenings, as they lack electricity, and are busy taking care of household tasks during the day. In 2022, nine Adult Literacy Programs were also funded by SCB and will begin in the same Malawian solar-powered schools.

buildOn Malawi Country Director, McDonald Chiputula, states: “Community members are already excited and eager to sign up for classes when they begin in March 2022. Thanks to SCB’s support, hundreds of women and men will have the chance to learn this year, many for the first time. The skills they gain will help to better their lives, their families and their communities.”

“Globally, there are 59 million primary school aged children who are out of school. Without proper, well-lit classrooms more children will drop out of school or simply never enroll. Together with buildOn, we are improving education and progressing towards our missions of a low carbon future”, says Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB.

Read SCB’s full Building Impact in 2021, here.



Pauline Tainton, Marketing Manager, SCB + 41 22 365 5307