SCB Group, the leading low carbon commodity company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Rally Driver Ruairí Bell, certifying carbon neutrality for the Inspira Rally Team through the ‘ClimatePositive’ label.

In a video message, Ruairí addresses fans, saying,

“I’m here to bring Rallying into the 21st century. We want a more sustainable planet whilst ensuring rallying has a bright future within it. That is why we’ve teamed up with ClimatePositive to offset our carbon footprint for this year. However, that is not something exclusive and something that we can only succeed on together. ClimatePositive can offset your team’s carbon footprint and provide you with a car sticker.”

SCB Group is supporting Ruairí’s emission reduction for rally driving, road transport to and from each race for the rally car, the driver and the team – and hotel accommodation while they’re on the road.

SCB Group’s Pauline Tainton said of the agreement,

“Motorsports were traditionally fun first and the primary concern was for safety. It’s time now to voice concern over the environment. Not only are Ruairí and his team able to feel they’ve compensated for their carbon emissions, ClimatePositive is an assurance that an additional 25 percent is added to go beyond carbon neutrality, ClimatePositive.”

ClimatePositive is a mechanism to counterbalance the carbon footprint left by corporations and individuals. Partnering with projects in local communities to develop solutions provides sustainable economic growth while protecting and preserving natural resources such as forests and ecosystems.

SCB Group invests in a broad range of emissions reduction projects that are certified by the highest environmental standards and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.