SCB has been working for 17 years to pursue a low-carbon future, and with employees in five global offices, the group is united under the name: SCB Environmental Markets SA.

SCB group’s entities comprise of the companies SCB Brokers LLC (Puerto Rico); SCB & Associates Limited (UK) and SCB & Associates Pte Limited (Singapore) and SCB Derivatives LLC (USA).

All of the SCB companies are now held by the Swiss parent company, giving each entity a stronger capital base, benefiting clients who may now proceed to onboard via the combined group.

SCB CEO, Kevin McGeeney, says:

To reflect the diverse nature of our activities across Arrangement, Principal Carbon and Data, the Swiss entity is now known as “SCB Environmental Markets SA.” This structure will make it smoother for us to do business across the board.”

The news coincides with an announcement that SCB has abated a cumulative total of more than 600 million metric tonnes of CO2e, aiming for 1 million by 2030 in line with its carbon neutral targets.