SCB supports a variety of nature-based climate solutions, a key feature of the latest Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15), closing today in Montreal, Canada.

SCB directly finances clean cooking, afforrestation and reforrestation projets.

Clean cooking

Clean cooking is a nature-based solution and SCB’s financing of the DelAgua Tubeho Neza project in Rwanda is improving people’s lives and protecting precious rainforest areas home to the world’s endangered mountain gorilla.

SCB is directly project financing clean cooking projects in Rwanda and Burundi with DelAgua, see how SCB partners with DelAgua in Rwanda to Benefit Communities and Environment, and in Bangladesh with VNV Advisory (see news item: Carbon Emissions Avoidance supports health, wellbeing of communities).


SCB works in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to produce, plant and protect trees working closely with communities, through our ClimatePositive Environmental label. People who chose to abate the emissions created by their car or lifestyle, support the project directly. Click here to plant trees with ClimatePositive.

SCB receives detailed reporting using GPS coordinates and images to track exactly where the trees were planted and how they help nature and the population. Donations are divided between planting locations in some of the most deforested communities in Nepal, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Haiti, Brazil and Honduras.


SCB supports the planting of four million trees in Uttarakhand in the Himalayan region of Northeast India. The project is expected to remove more than 360,000 tons of CO² from the atmosphere, improve biodiversity and habitats and support local jobs and livelihoods. Buy-in from the local community is essential as they will be tending the trees for this and the next generation to come. By planting a mix of genus of trees, including oak for the preservation of biodiversity; as well as fruit-bearing trees such as apricots, which can be linked to income-generation activities; the trees and locals are in harmony. See our related news item on Investing in our planet.

Global Agreement on Biodiversity

At the UN Biodiversity Conference which closed today on 19 December, agreement was reached to protect 30% of Earth by the end of the decade for nature, a proposal known as ’30 by 30′.

In addition to the projects financed by SCB referred to above, SCB also proposes climate solutions featuring a range of projects from protection of nature reserves to approaches to manage or restore ecosystems.