Carbon offset price insights from SCB are explored in the lastest article by The Carbon Economist.

With net zero commitments covering around 83 percent of global emissions, around 25bnt of cuts will be required between now and 2030.  And yet, prices and volumes  in the voluntary carbon market fell at the start of 2023.

SCB’s Head of Carbon, Natalia Beales is quoted saying:

December 2022 had 27.6mn retirements, the largest month of demand in general. Retirements are still strong in January and February, which shows the demand is there“.

The article continues with another quote from Natalia, saying:

In the long term I am bullish on the market, but in the short to medium term we will see challenges, and the market will probably remain sluggish. But the market is not shrinking, it just was expected to grow at a faster rate based on pledges.”

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