SCB CEO Kevin McGeeney encourages those with an interest in environmental markets and who share SCB’s values to apply to join our global team.

Most people joining SCB have no prior experience in environmental markets. Training in-office and remote learning are certainly important, but at SCB we believe that learning from experience is both rewarding and effective. To explore the low-carbon projects in which SCB is involved, this year alone we have taken teams of up to 20 colleagues to Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Himalayan India, Bangladesh and here we are in Nepal.

Behind me you’ll see a school where SCB has funded the installation of water filtration systems allowing for clean water for the 800 kids.

Our corporate values are to be relentless in the pursuit of our goals, to be enterprising in how we achieve them, to be expert in what we do, stay connected to the world around us, and to act with integrity, or else none of the others will matter.

These trips to communities around the world speak to our value of connection.

If you share our mission and values, please apply to join SCB and I look forward to seeing you somewhere around the world soon.

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