SCB welcomes the Core Carbon Principles and Program-level Assessment Framework unveiled by The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM). These measures improve transparency and ensure sustainable development in high-integrity carbon credits.

The CCPs set out fundamental principles for high-quality credits, based on the latest science and best practice. The criteria require programs to make comprehensive information accessible so stakeholders can understand the impact of projects.

In response to the launch, SCB CEO Kevin McGeeney said,

“As an organization that values integrity, SCB Environmental Markets fully supports the launch of the Integrity Council’s Core Carbon Principles and Program-level Assessment Framework. The CCPs and Assessment Framework provide a benchmark for high-quality carbon credits that create real and verifiable climate impact, which is essential for the voluntary carbon market to deliver effective climate solutions.

 “Having seen first-hand the positive environmental and social impact of many of the carbon projects we support in Least Developed Countries, I am excited that these are now safeguarded through their inclusion in the ICVCM criteria. We believe the transparency and accountability these measures bring will prompt swift action for companies to attain carbon neutrality on the road to Net-Zero.

“SCB Environmental Markets remains committed to developing and growing a viable and vibrant voluntary carbon market to help society transition towards a low-carbon future.”

The CCPs build trust and unlock investment for effective climate solutions by providing a benchmark for high-integrity carbon credits, no matter which carbon-crediting program issued them, what kind of credits they are, or where they are generated.

The CCPs, taken together with the previous release from the VCMI, form a dependable framework to attain high-integrity carbon neutrality.