In an innovative stride towards combating climate change, Earthchain and SCB Group have launched a strategic partnership. The alliance is designed to empower businesses and individuals with scalable solutions that expedite decarbonization projects on a global scale.

Earthchain, committed to addressing the climate crisis proactively, has developed the Carbon Intelligence Platform and APIs. These tools empower businesses to contribute to certified climate projects, incorporate climate action into their services and products, and report their global impact with confidence.

SCB Group brings over 17 years of experience in global renewable and environmental markets to the partnership. Offering high-integrity carbon solutions supporting emission reduction and removal projects, SCB Group is an industry-leader, with over 100 employees spread across offices in Chicago, London, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Geneva.

Earthchain Co-founder & Head of Growth, Mike Barlow, stated, “Our alliance with SCB Group, a renowned force in the global renewable and environmental markets, significantly enhances our ability to incorporate climate action into the fabric of business success. We are steadfast in our belief that businesses can drive the change we need to combat the climate crisis. This partnership will bolster those efforts.”

Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group, shared his conviction about our new partnership with Earthchain, “In line with our motto, ‘we never stop’, we believe it is only through unceasing, relentless efforts that investments in climate projects will result in tangible impact for communities and the planet. By harnessing Earthchain’s innovative technology, we can continue to aid our clients in genuinely effecting lasting change.”

This transformative partnership between Earthchain and SCB Group promises to accelerate global decarbonization efforts, underscoring our shared commitment to a sustainable, low-carbon future.