Building on its historic success, SCB Group continues its award-winning streak into 2024, clinching the title of ‘Best Overall Energy Broker’ for the fifth consecutive year at the Energy Risk Awards.

This remarkable achievement underscores SCB Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the renewable energy sector. SCB Group garnered votes in a number of individual categories, in a demonstration of the enthusiastic appreciation by clients and peers for the team behind the deals.

  • #1 ‘Best Ethanol and Biodiesel (First Generation) Broker’, for the fourth time, highlighting SCB’s significant advancements in biofuel brokerage.
  • #1 ‘Best Grains Broker’ in the Agriculture category, for the fifth time, reaffirming SCB Group’s leading position in agricultural commodities.
  • #1 ‘Research in Biofuels’, showcasing SCB Group’s commitment to innovation and expertise in the biofuels market.

2024 also introduced a new series of ‘Qualities’ categories by Energy Risk, where SCB Group’s performance reflects SCB’s dedication to serving its clients with adaptability and steadfastness:

  • #1 Broker for ‘Reliability’
  • #1 Broker for ‘Flexibility’

SCB Group is also ranked as a top broker for ‘Integrity’, ‘Market Knowledge’, and ‘Creativity & Innovation’.

These accolades mirror SCB Group’s values: To be relentless in pursuing our goals, enterprising in how they are achieved and expert in what we do. We stay connected with our stakeholders, and everything is to be done with integrity.

Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group, remarked, “These recognitions are testament to our team’s hard work, dedication, and innovative approach to the energy sector. We are honored to lead the way in sustainable commodity trading, and we continue to push the boundaries for a low carbon future.”

SCB Group’s achievements in 2024 further solidify its reputation as a leader in the low carbon commodity space, committed to excellence, innovation, and integrity across all facets of its operations.

See the list of winners here: