In March 2021, SCB launched ClimatePositive, an assured environmental label helping individuals, organisations, and companies offset their CO2 emissions. With 15 years of experience in the commodities and transport systems, our first step for individuals was to help in offsetting their car’s CO2 emissions. As an add-on to becoming ClimatePositive, we provide corporations and individuals a ClimatePositive badge for them to display on their car.

We can assist in offsetting and removing CO2 for all organisations in Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, enabling the proud display of the ClimatePositive assured label for environmental contribution.


The Car Badge

The ClimatePositive car badge helps individuals, corporates and organisations offset their car’s carbon footprint.

We go one step further than climate neutrality and empower people to give back more to the environment than they take. We do this by offsetting 25% more emissions per car than the highest of 800 most popular cars surveyed.

“We don’t simply make a car carbon neutral, we make it climate positive. ” Pauline Tainton – Marketing Manager at SCB.


Help fund our projects

Revenue from ClimatePositive helps fund emissions reductions projects in verified environmental projects meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are based in undeveloped countries and provide renewable energy, local jobs, food and health to their local populations.

One of our main projects is our partnership with the charity buildOn in Malawi. This partnership will bring solar-powered technology to light up children’s schools and make evening adult literacy programs available.

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Our Target

1 Billion MT of CO2 by 2030

Having abated more than 400 million metric tonnes of CO2 through our global transactions, our target with ClimatePositive is to offset one billion metric tonnes of CO2 by 2030.

Check out our current progress here:

Our carbon impact

Next Steps

Offset your pets and households

Aside from cars, our goal is to expand into other types of emissions, including pets, households, flights and websites.

Notably, Climate Paws allows pet owners to make their pet climate positive by offsetting emissions through our emissions reductions projects.

Help your pet